Hester & Crazyfur – On the Journey of Dreadful Mysteries

Hester grabs a chance to go on a voyage where her notorious aunt Crazyfur is ready to drive her up the wall. Nevertheless, they, along with their pets accidentally knock the doors of a deadly adventure which sweeps them into an entirely mysterious world, amidst murderous beasts prowling for their delicious prey.

Hester, Crazyfur, Ira & Macaw are trapped in a quest to find a valuable object, anyhow and from anywhere. Time is slipping by, and Crazyfur is eating everyone’s head off. Poor Hester! She is in dire straits: Everyone’s life is at stake. Will Hester be able to solve this challenge? Read the book to unravel the mysteries awaiting you!

‘That sounds spooky!!’

‘Hester & Crazyfur – On the journey of dreadful mysteries’ is packed with action, adventure and not to forget the endless humorous fights amongst the characters.

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