Hester & Crazyfur On The Journey Of Dreadful Mysteries by Lavanya Jindal

“YOU GLUTTONOUS GIT!! YOUR SILLY, HUNGRY STOMACH IS COSTING US OUR LIVES. DO YOU WANT THIS N-NASTY TORNADO TO GULP US DOWN?” Hester yelled in frustration. But Crazyfur was busy ravenously eating the snacks, ignoring the dreadful danger that could trap them forever.

Hester wakes up to a surprising day. Her happiness knows no bounds when she gets a chance to fulfil her dream. But before she can start on her voyage, she is faced by an awful turn of events that land her in trouble. She is stuck in a far-away monstrous land with all terrible creatures engulfing her. Will Hester be able to push herself and her trouble-maker companions out of this situation? Stay tuned to unravel the mystery lurking in these pages.

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